Functional Behavior Services is excited to be offering Virtual Social Skills Groups led by qualified professionals!  These groups will focus on increasing social skills with kids/young adults through participation in a virtual learning environment with similar-aged peers. A Social Skills book will be utilized in addition to group discussions and activities amongst group participants.  

Group 1:   Designed for individuals 9-14 years of age.  This group will use the book titled, “Knowing Yourself, Knowing Others: A Workbook for Children with Asperger’s Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disorder & Other Social-Skills Problems” (ISBN # 1572246057). The participants will learn how to read social cues, avoid meltdowns, understand others' needs and intentions, resolve conflicts with friends, build basic nonverbal skills, and more.

Group 2:   Designed for individuals 15-22 years of age.  This group will use the book titled, “The Social Success Workbook for Teens: skill-building activities for teens with nonverbal learning disorder, Asperger’s disorder & other social-skill problems” (ISBN #1572246146). After completing this group, our hope is that you will discover that you can get along with others and build friendships despite the challenges you face. All you need is the confidence to be yourself while still keeping the feelings of others in mind.

How it works:

  • It is easy to participate, all you will need is a device with reliable internet. 
  • Each group will meet twice a week, for six weeks, via a HIPPA compliant online platform. 
  • The cost of participation is $10 per session, and each group member will need to purchase their own book.   
  • Once a minimum of 5 participants have registered, we will contact you with the group schedule.   

If interested in signing up or looking for more information, please contact Functional Behavior Services, at 906-273-1121 or email 

Social Skills Training