FBS serves individuals of all ages and abilities including those individuals that may need non-traditional type therapy sessions due to cognitive delays, processing challenges, co-occurring diagnosis or other special needs barriers.  We specialize is in working with individuals with a  spectrum of cognitive impairments and co-occurring disabilities, with an emphasis on working with those with ASD.

Each persons learning style taken into consideration, and if needed traditional talk therapy can be replaced with ‘hands on’ type activities and interventions by integrating role plays, practice scenario’s, work sheets, games, and interactive activities into the therapy session.

It is imperative that the lessons learned during the session are generalized to the individual’s everyday life. Therefore, parent/ caregiver participation is an essential component to child and adolescent sessions.

Available in Marquette County to help with a variety of symptoms and needs which include:

  • Behavior Problems: Anger, Aggression, Property Disruption, etc.
  • Impulse Control
  • Rebellious or Defiant Children
  • Handling Stress
  • Coping with Depression
  • Decreasing Anxiety
  • Responding to OCD
  • Adjustment issues
  • Life transition (adolescence to adulthood)
  • Desensitization Programs
  • Education for parents/caregivers to better understand and respond to their child’s developmental needs


If you are interested in learning more about therapy options available please contact us today. All information is kept confidential.